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art : interview

Artists on Writing: An Interview with Carroll Dunham

by Matthew Weinstein
art : interview

Steffani Jemison

by Ben Lerner
art : interview

Angie Keefer and Liz Magic Laser

art : interview

Roe Ethridge

by Tim Griffin
art : oral history

Peter Bradley

by Steve Cannon…
art : editor’s choice

Institutional Collusion: Merlin Carpenter and Cologne’s “Non-Productive Attitude”

by David Everitt Howe
art : artists on artists

Cameron Rowland

by Ian Edward Wallace
music : interview


by Meg Remy
Art : Portfolio

BOMB Specific: Dear David: An Exchange

by David Geers…
Art : Interview

Michael Craig-Martin

by Kristína Jarošová
Art : Essay

Faces of the Biennale

by Legacy Russell…
Art : Interview

Edgar Arceneaux, Charles Gaines & Rick Lowe

Art : Interview

Walead Beshty & Eileen Quinlan

Art : essay

Outspoken: Con Artist Madoff Collects Mark Kostabi Paintings

by Kelly Devine Thomas
Art : essay

Outspoken: Making Sense of a Coy Art World

by Kelly Devine Thomas
Film : review

Can't Tell 'Em Apart at All

by Lena Valencia
Art : Interview

Rachel Harrison and Nayland Blake

Art : Editor’s Choice

Reservation X: The Power of Place

by Daniel Flores y Ascencio
Art : Interview

Elizabeth Murray

by Jessica Hagedorn
Art : Interview

Gary Stephan

by Georgia Marsh
art : Portfolio

Canuck Canuck Who's There (Toronto)

by David Craven
Art : interview

Los Angeles

by Craig Gholson…
Art : Portfolio

Los Angeles

by Wade Saunders
Art : first proof

Art at Auction

by Walter Robinson
Film : Editor’s Choice

Eric Mitchell's Underground U.S.A.

by David Ehrenstein