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Literature : Portfolio

The Nothing

by Ugo Rondinone…
Music : Interview

Dustin Wong & Takako Minekawa

Literature : Interview

Clive Phillpot

by Elizabeth Zuba
Music : Interview

Graham Lambkin

by Matt Krefting
Literature : Editor’s Choice

Richard Barnett's The Sick Rose: Disease and the Art of Medical Illustration

by Andrew Bourne
Art : Interview

Michael Snow

by Alan Licht
Literature : Essay

Silence and Silencing

by Alejandro Zambra
Music : Interview

Kai Althoff

by David Grubbs
Literature : Artists on Artists

Elana Herzog

by Brenda Coultas
Music : Artists on Artists

Florian Hecker

by Ben Vida
Music : Interview

Richard Butler

by Lyle Rexer
Music : Interview

Eli Keszler

by Michael Barron
Literature : first proof

Two Poems

by Danniel Schoonebeek
Literature : first proof

Four Poems

by Brandon Shimoda…
Literature : first proof

Four Poems

by Michael Earl Craig
Music : Review

Space Age New Music Weekend

by Nick Hallett
Music : Interview

Rhythm and Blues: Tomashi Jackson

by Cora Fisher
Music : Editor’s Choice

Gordon Monahan's Seeing Sound: Sound Art, Performance, and Music, 1978–2011

by Nicolas Collins
Literature : Interview

Queering Art, Mentorship: Jess Barbagallo & Stacy Szymaszek

by Jess Barbagallo
Dance : Interview

Ralph Lemon

by James Hannaham
Literature : Interview

Wayne Koestenbaum

by Kenneth Goldsmith
Dance : Editor’s Choice

Carmen Beuchat and Interdisciplinary Pollinations in the 1970s

by Gabriela Rangel
Music : Interview


by Legacy Russell
Music : Interview

New Bodies: Pieter Schoolwerth

by Andrew Cappetta
Literature : Interview

Circuits and Loops: Tom McCarthy & Margarita Gluzberg

by Tom McCarthy…