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literature : first proof

Two Poems

by Miranda Mellis
art : essay

A Punch in 4/4 Time

by Valerie Tevere…
literature : review

Ozark Millennials

by Michelle Hogmire
theory + practice : interview

Amitav Ghosh and Curt Stager

performance : interview

Ron Athey

by Zackary Drucker
art : review

The Arcades: Contemporary Art & Walter Benjamin

by Claire Barliant
art : artists on artists

Beatriz Santiago Muñoz

by Jeanine Oleson
art : interview

Bryan Hunt

by Jack Stephens
film : review

The Ruined Map

by Steve Macfarlane
literature : first proof

Keep Away from Things That Can Catch Fire

by Stephanie Chou
film : review

Laurie Simmons's My Art

by Judith Hudson
literature : first proof


by Andrew E. Colarusso
literature : review

Gone Below

by J. T. Price
literature : first proof


by Su Hui
art : artists on artists

Sheree Hovsepian

by Haley Mellin
art : oral history

James Little

by LeRonn P. Brooks
literature : first proof


by Layli Long Soldier
literature : essay

from The Manhattan Project

by László Krasznahorkai
art : portfolio


by Laura Morrison
art : interview

Rita Ackermann

by Josh Smith
art : end page

End Page

by David Scher
literature : interview

Fiona Maazel

by Tracy O'Neill
art : project


by An-My Lê
music : interview

DeForrest Brown Jr. & Bill Kouligas

literature : editor’s choice

Sophie Calle's Rachel Monique

by Jennifer Krasinski