BOMB Magazine has been publishing conversations between artists of all disciplines since 1981. BOMB's founders—New York City based artists and writers—created BOMB because they saw a disparity between the way artists talked about their work among themselves and the way critics described it.
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About BOMB
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About BOMB

BOMB Magazine has been publishing conversations between artists of all disciplines since 1981. BOMB's founders—New York City based artists and writers—created BOMB because they saw a disparity between the way artists talked about their work among themselves and the way critics described it.

Today, BOMB is a multi-media publishing house that creates, disseminates, and preserves artist-generated content from interviews to artists’ essays to new literature. BOMB includes a quarterly print magazine, a daily online publication, and a digital archive of its previously published content from 1981 onward.

BOMB Magazine is a print quarterly publishing in-depth interviews between artists alongside artists’ essays, literature, and portfolios. Subscribe today.

BOMB Daily publishes exchanges on artistic practice including interviews, literature, portfolios, and essays. Sign up to Weekend Reads to receive the weekly roundup.

The BOMB Archive is a fully searchable and relational online library that provides access to the ongoing history of dialogue generated by BOMB since 1981. With funding from the A.W. Mellon Foundation, BOMB has made all of its content—over 5,000 primary cultural documents from the past 33 years—available for free.

BOMB’s Oral Histories Project is a series of interviews that documents and preserves the life-stories of NYC-based African-American visual artists.


Thank you!

BOMB extends its gratitude to the generous donors who made the launch of our new website possible:

-The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation supported the digitization, indexing (in progress), and navigation of BOMB’s content from 1981 onward.

-The National Endowment for the Arts

-The Fiddlehead Fund

-BOMB's Board of Trustees—Cary Brown Epstein, Paul Cantor, Rosemary Carroll, Jennifer Clifford Danner, Michael Coffey, Eric Fischl, Klaus Kertess, Heather M, Kirby, Ellen Phelan, Jane Rosenblum, and Lybess Sweezy

-A "magnonymous" donor

BOMB extends its thanks to all the hard work that built this site:

Design: Tom Griffiths, Everything Studio

Development: David Jacobs, Duncan Regan, Greg Knauss and everyone at 29th Street Publishing

Legacy Development: Thanks to Fred Krughoff and Rick Frankel of Cybercode Consulting who built our first website years and years ago.




Publisher, Editor In Chief
Betsy Sussler

Associate Publisher
Mary-Ann Monforton

Senior Editor
Mónica de la Torre

Managing Editor
Sabine Russ

Director of Development
Philip Langer

Daily Editor
Andrew Bourne

Managing Director of Marketing & Digital Projects
Ryan Chapman

Director of Circulation
Ted Dodson

Archive Editor
Richard J. Goldstein

Development Associate
Amber Power

Online Editors
Chris Chang—Film & Performing Arts
David Everitt Howe—Art

Andrew W. Mellon Fellows
Terence Trouillot—Oral Histories
Michael Blair—Performing Arts
Chantal McStay—Visual/Literary Arts

Creative Direction & Design
Everything Studio

Development Consultants
George Negroponte
WX​Y architecture and urban design

Web Development

Copy Editor/proofreader
Marianne Shaneen

Printed in Iceland by Oddi Printing

Contributing Editors

Editors at Large
Carlos Brillembourg—Architecture, Saul Ostrow—Art

Tina Barney, Ross Bleckner, Cecily Brown, Adam Fuss, Joe Fyfe, Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe, Abby Goldstein, Stuart Horodner, Anthony Huberman, Judy Hudson, David Humphrey, Roberto Juarez, Shirley Kaneda, Nell McClister, Josiah McElheny, Amanda Means, Bruce Pearson, Lucy Raven, Legacy Russell, Clifford Ross, Nick Stillman, Mimi Thompson

José Castillo, Deborah Gans

Film and Theater
Jon Robin Baitz, Liza Béar, Chris Chang, Lawrence Chua, Nicholas Elliott, Leon Falk, Bette Gordon, Carlos Gutiérrez, Clinton Krute, Andrew Lampert, Craig Lucas, Mark Magill, Richard Maxwell, Susan Shacter, Mac Wellman

David Byrne, Anthony Coleman, Keith Connolly, David Grubbs, David Krasnow, Clinton Krute, George Lewis, Alan Licht, Mike McGonigal, Tim Nye, Vernon Reid, Marc Ribot, Ned Sublette, Julia Wolfe, C. Spencer Yeh, John Zorn 

Esther Allen, Robert Antoni, Deborah Baker, Madison Smartt Bell, Tom Bolt, Carmen Boullosa, Edwidge Danticat, Deborah Eisenberg, Scott Esposito, Daniel Flores y Ascencio, Alan Gilbert, Francisco Goldman, Kimiko Hahn, Matthea Harvey, John Haskell, Amy Hempel, A. M. Homes, Gary Indiana, Patricia Spears Jones, Rachel Kushner, Tan Lin, Philip Lopate, Jonathan Lethem, Jaime Manrique, Patrick McGrath, Mary Morris, Silvana Paternostro, Caryl Phillips, Robert Polito, Minna Proctor, Francine Prose, Daniel Shapiro, Christopher Stackhouse, Lynne Tillman, Colm Tóibín, Frederic Tuten, Benjamin Weissman

Oral History Advisers
Sanford Biggers, Thelma Golden, Kellie Jones, John W. Smith, Mickalene Thomas, Carrie Mae Weems, Stanley Whitney, Jack Whitten

Contributing Photographers
Adam Bartos, Sarah Charlesworth (in memoriam), Sally Gall, Nan Goldin, Ben Handzo, Aric Mayer, Elliot Schwartz, William Wegman

Drew Anderla
Peter Corboy
Terricka Johnson


Betsy Sussler
Glenn O’Brien
Michael McClard
Mark Magill
Sarah Charlesworth
Adviser: Liza Béar

Board of Trustees

Cary Brown-Epstein
Paul Cantor
Rosemary Carroll, Co-Chair
Jennifer Clifford Danner
Michael Coffey
Brian Dailey
Eric Fischl
David Humphrey
Rachel Lee Hovnanian
Heather M. Kirby
Ellen Phelan
Jane Rosenblum
Betsy Sussler
Lybess Sweezy, Co-Chair
Mickalene Thomas

Trustees Emeriti

Michele Oka Doner
Klaus Kertess
Frances Dittmer, in memoriam

Board of Advisers

Gabriella De Ferrari
Andrew Fierberg
Nicole Klagsbrun
Edward Tyler Nahem
Tim Nye
Alexander S.C. Rower
David Salle
Carolina Sandretto
Thomas F. Staley
Madeline Weinrib


Thank you to all of our 2014-15 Patrons!


VANGUARD—$100,000 and over
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

LEADERS—$50,000 and over
Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation
Lambent Foundation
Melva Bucksbaum & Raymond Learsy
Lybess Sweezy & Ken Miller
National Endowment for the Arts

​​SPONSORS$20,000 to $39,999
The W. L. Lyons Brown, Jr. Charitable Foundation
Cary Brown-Epstein & Steven Epstein
The Leon Lowenstein Foundation, Inc.
New York City Department of Cultural Affairs
The Thanksgiving Fund
The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts

DONORS$10,000 to $19,999
Amazon Literary Partnership
Helaine & Paul Cantor
Jennifer Clifford Danner & William Danner
Fiddlehead Fund
Heather M. Kirby
Dorothy Lichtenstein
Marcia & Richard Mishaan
New York State Council on the Arts
Cecily Brown & Nicolai Ouroussoff
Pannonia Foundation
Rory R. Riggs
May and Samuel Rudin Family Foundation, Inc.
Carolina Sandretto

PUBLISHER’S CIRCLE$5,000 to $9,999
Mahnaz Ispahani & Adam Bartos
Rosemary Carroll
Foundation for Contemporary Arts
Goldfarb & Fleece LLP
Milton N. Hoffman Co.
Antoinette Guerinni Maraldi & Hans W. Kertess
The Lauder Foundation - Leonard & Evelyn Lauder Fund
The Reed Foundation
Shaun Caley Regen
Mimi Thompson & James Rosenquist
B.Z. & Michael Schwartz
Select Equity Group Foundation
Ellen Phelan & Joel Shapiro
Fern & Lenard Tessler
Kate Linker & Bernard Tschumi
David Zwirner

PUBLISHER’S COUNCIL$2,500 to $4,999
John L. Thomson & Mary Boone
Cheim & Read
Elena & John Coumantaros
Frannces Dittmer
Michele Oka Doner & Fred Doner
Giuliana Bruno & Andrew Fierberg
Philip H. Geier Jr.
Gladstone Gallery
Carol Greene
Agnes Gund
Amy & Ronald Guttman
Hauser & Wirth
The Honorable Earle Mack
Minagawa Art Lines
Carolyn Louise Newhouse
Dianne Blell & David Ray
Andrea Rosen Gallery
Melissa & Robert Soros
Hope Geier Smith
Madeline Weinrib
Begum Yasar, Dominique Lévy Gallery

PATRONS$1,000 to $2,499
Diane Ackerman
Lisa Liebmann & Brooks Adams
Ann & Steven Ames
Judith Auchincloss
Claudia Doring & Alejandro Baez-Sacasa
Elizabeth Baker
Burt Barr
Douglas Baxter
Laura Bickford
Rhiannon Kubicka & Theodore Blackston
Karin Waisman & Carlos Brillembourg
Deborah Buck
Scott Campbell
Barbara Bertozzi Castelli
Louie Chaban
Rebecca Smith & Michael Coffey
Jane & James Cohan
Jean Pagliuso & Tom Cohen
Paula Cooper Gallery
Paula & Brian Dailey
Suzanne Dance
Jane DeBevoise
Lisa Dennison
David Deutsch
Sue Hostetler & Donald Drapkin
Arlene Shechet & Mark Epstein
Frayda & Ronald Feldman
Richard Flood
Carole Server Frankel & Oliver Frankel
Shelly & Vincent Fremont
Gagosian Gallery
Marian Goodman Gallery
Anthony Grant
Neil Hauck
Susan Hinko
Barbara Hoffman
Janet Hoffman
Steven Holl
Loretta Howard
Jennifer Coates & David Humphrey
Lucy Winton & Bryan Hunt
Fredericka Hunter
Susan & Steven Jacobson
Barbara Jakobson
James A. Johnson
Tom Cashin & Jay Johnson
Ada & Alex Katz
Nicole Klagsbrun
The Ronald and Jo Carole Lauder Foundation
Ann Tenenbaum & Thomas H. Lee
Toby Devan Lewis
Bruce A. Crooker & Denby Liu
Ursula & Paul Lowerre
Luhring Augustine
Lurie Family Foundation
Helen & Brice Marden
Metro Pictures
Gregory R. Miller
Nicole Miller
Edward Tyler Nahem
Daniel M. Neidich & Brooke Garber Foundation
The Nightingale Code Foundation
Carolina Nitsch
Mrs. Jose W. Noyes
Pittman Family Foundation
Kirsten & Andy Pitts
Nancy Delman Portnoy
Julie Ratner
Lawrence & Helen Remmel
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin M. Rosen
Jane Rosenblum
Lisa Roumell & Mark Rosenthal
Clifford Ross
Hala & James Salomon
Pamela Sanders
Jonathan Sheffer
Cindy Sherman
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Shvo
Laura Skoler
Jay Snyder
Jill Spalding
Judith Linhares & Stephen Spretnjak
Stanley Family Fund
Michael Ward Stout/The Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation
Amy Sullivan
Elizabeth Swig
Barbara & Donald Tober
Barbara Toll
Marissa S. Tracey
Gordon VeneKlasen
Thea Westreich
Teresa Liszka & Martin Weinstein
Mary & Jack Whitten
Elisabeth Ross Wingate
Hendel Teicher & Terry Winters
Pavel Zoubok

BENEFACTORS$500 to $999
Elena Alexander-Uglow
Richard Armstrong
The Asen Foundation
Bortolami Gallery
Gail M. Engelberg
Arthur Fleischer
Hugh Freund
Deborah Gans
Jan Hashey
Cecily Kahn & David Kapp
Steven Learner
Anne Hodge Livet
Sharon Handler & John Loeb
Low Road Foundation
Sylvia Martins
Lehmann Maupin
Kynaston McShine
Suzanne McClelland
John Melick
Julie Meneret
Di Mondo
Susan Penzer
Emily Bingham & Stephen Reily
Jan Rothschild
Mary Sabbatino
Michael Selleck
Jack Shainman Gallery, New York
Leslie Shipman
Anne Pasternak & Mike Starn
The Bressler Starn Family Foundation
Dorsey Waxter
Stephanie H. Bernheim & Ralph Wharton, MD

FRIENDS$250 to $499
Eunjeong Seong & Michael Bell
Susan & Matthew Blank
Holly Block & Dana Emmott
Victoria Findlay Wolfe & Michael Findlay
Mark Fishman
Joanne Greenbaum
Melinda Wolfe & Ken Indanomi
Jenn Joy
Ronald J. Moser, Jr.
Barbara Schwartz

PALS$100 to $249
Robert Bakst
Harvey Ronald Berg
Seth Bradley
Chris Chang
Moyra Davey
Susan Davis
Barbara & Jim Demetrion
Ellyn & Saul Dennison
Franklin Evans
April Gornik & Eric Fischl
Robert Formentin
Margaret Foster
Daisy Friedman
Phillip Galgiani
Estelle Greer
Ursula & Joe Helman
Deborah Kass
Rachel & Robert Krute
Guy Mendes
Joni Wehrli & Michel Negroponte
Barbara Nessim
Jacki Ochs
Frances Papazafiropoulos
Lisa Pearson
Jo & David Robins
Ed & Danna Ruscha
Jeanette Watson Sanger
Charlie Smith
Nick Tapper
Gin Taylor
Robert O'Toole
Carmen Boullosa & Mike Wallace
Susan Wheeler

BOMB extends heartfelt thanks to the artists who generously donated work to BOMB’s 34th Anniversary Gala and Auction, 2015:

Tim Rollins and K.O.S.
Walton Ford
Charline von Heyl

Derrick Adams
Michele Araujo
Estate of Dan Asher
Rosa Barba
Joseph Bartscherer
Sheila Berger
Ben Berlow
Dianne Blell
Katherine Bradford
Joe Bradley
Rosanna Bruno
William S. Burroughs Estate
Paul Chan
Nicole Cherubini
Edward Clark
Adger Cowans
Moyra Davey
Verne Dawson
Assaf Evron
Jens Fänge
Paola Ferrario
Angelo Filomeno
Sally Gall
Hope Gangloff
John Giorno
Estate of Michael Goldberg
Nan Goldin
Gianfranco Gorgoni
James Hoff
Bethany Ides
Samuel Jablon
Suzanne Joelson
Matt Keegan
Richard Kraft
Deana Lawson
Greg Lindquist
Chris Martin
Leeza Meksin
John Miller
Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe
Wangechi Mutu
Sarah Oppenheimer
Ellen Phelan
Ugo Rondinone
Kay Rosen
Brie Ruais
Charles Simonds
Rebecca Smith
Joe Sola
Keith Sonnier
Billy Sullivan
Mika Tajima
Rirkrit Tiravanija
Estate of Alan Uglow
Juan Uslé
John Waters
Matthew Weinstein
Christine Wertheim
Stanley Whitney
Martin Wilner
Rob Wynne


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